Super Sweet Potato Bowl Sunday!

One great thing about living in the mountains is that you burn calories like crazy! For example, doing the laundry requires a hike though knee-high snow, and after this most recent upslope storm getting out of the house required some serious snow shoveling. All this inadvertent working out is a good thing because I love to cook, and have a major sweet tooth (Please feel free to send me chocolate bars and/or vanilla cupcakes).

I am addicted to some great food blogs like Dietitian on the Run, so tonight I decided to cook up Heather’s Sweet Potato & Spinach Lasagna recipe.

Photo/Joanna Nasar, 2012

Sweet potato, spinach and parmesan cheese

Photo/Joanna Nasar, 2012

It was a moderate success – nothing was burned and even though I didn’t have the necessary mozzarella it still tasted great with Parmesan cheese.

Sweet potato and spinach lasanga ta-da

Photo/Joanna Nasar, 2012

Foxy was a major fan because it involved cheese  (some of which was accidentally shredded onto the floor and promptly licked up).  Here is Foxy looking content after her successful kitchen cheese-finding mission:


Photo/Joanna Nasar, 2012

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